Normally im not a person who “bitches” about things. At least not online anyway. This is a bit of a long post, so if you are interested in hearing about why I am not going to be at Otakuthon this year, please read on:

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  • That feeling when you see your Facebook page likes go up : -)
  • And then the feeling when you see it go down : -(
  • Why don't you like me anymore??????
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my face every time i eat ca…


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Hey Tumblr!

Come celebrate my good news, with some good tunes!

Anime North is like a month away but im so excited I can’t even deal.

9PM on Mixify!

I want to see how sick people are. Reblog if you have ever been bullied physically or mentally. Ever been called a name. Cried at night. Ever been cyber bullied. Just reblog if you have been bullied.

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#TeamJanos you did it!

When I calm my ass down i’ll make a proper post, but as an exclusive release for the tumblah peeps, SEE YOU AT ANIME NORTH BITCHES !!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I made this as part of my Aetzik alias, and as part of my new goal to put out a new mix every Wednesday and Thursday (A Janos mix, and an Aetzik mix, respectively)

I am proud of all my mixes, so I give this to you, oh humble tumblr gods.

Also, cats.


ConBravo! Presents:
SUPER AUDIO LANDWORLD 1-1May 16th at El Mocambo in Toronto
PERFORMING:+ Mega Ran+ Blast Processors+ Epic Game Music+ DJ Janos
19+ Event, $15 cover, Doors Open at 9PM!

SUPER AUDIO LANDhey peeps! Check this out, geek music concert with a DJ set from me at the end!


ConBravo! Presents:

May 16th at El Mocambo in Toronto

+ Mega Ran
+ Blast Processors
+ Epic Game Music
+ DJ Janos

19+ Event, $15 cover, Doors Open at 9PM!


hey peeps! Check this out, geek music concert with a DJ set from me at the end!


Who Here is Excited for Anime North?

I know I am!

Now over the years many of you amazing fans have told me how much you enjoyed the dance parties that I throw a‪#‎ConBravo‬‪#‎ConG‬ and ‪#‎Otakuthon‬, and for the love and support I am so incredibly great-full! You have no idea how happy I am when I am behind the decks spinning awesome tunes for you guys, and the overwhelming energy you give back to me from the dance floor. Many of you over the years have told me how awesome it would be if I were to perform at ‪#‎AnimeNorth‬ and honestly, nothing would make me happier to oblige and to give you the best damned performance I can muster this coming May.

But, its not that easy. If it were a matter of snapping my fingers and spinning at AN, it would be done.

I come to you now; “‪#‎TeamJanos‬" to ask you a favour. If you want DJ Janos at Anime North this year, I need your help to make it happen. Tell your friends, post on the forums, share on facebook, tweet on twitter, tumble on tumblr, and make your voices heard. Tell the internet that you want this humble DJ to blow your kigus off with an epic performance! Tell them how much fun you’ve had at previous dances, and tell them you have a god-given right to party like there is no tomorrow.

Gaga has her monsters. I have #TeamJanos. Let’s make it happen :-) 

And if not, there is always next year :-D

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Sorry for my lack of activity and stuff. I’ve been kinda lazy and stuff.

Also finished school. Completely. Got my diploma. Go me, I am now certified smart!

This is a bit of a teaser mix for my upcoming show at Con-G in Guelph ( and also a teaser for what you can expect to hear from me and my mixes and live shows. Just good old fashioned beats to get everyone moving.

Have a listen, spread it around. If you like Pokemon like I do, then the first song is for you! <3

See you at Con-G! 

Here it is!
Volume 3 of my best of Super Eurobeat mixes! Enjoy!
Tracklist (and volumes 1 and 2) are available here:

So i did this thing, where I had a shiny, it was my first shiny, but i didn’t particularly care for it, so i put it up on wonder trade to put some goodwill out there in the universe. I got a Fenekin in return, so not a horrible trade off, but alas, it was Thanksgiving, probably made that kids day. It was a Qwilfish btw. 



found this in a doctors office

im not convinced they know what drugs do

trust me, they do, and they don’t want to share


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[incontrollable noises of want]

The Promised Land

My pants just got a whole lot tighter from this. 

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So you know when you have that feeling that you just have to drop everything that you are doing and mix? Yeah, this is the result of that impulse. Just felt like I had to do a mix. It happens that it was 1:30 in the morning and I was pretty tired, but here it is. Definitely music I like to listen to at night in the dark and dance like no one is watching. Due to the aforementioned tiredness, I think I made a boo boo and mixed a song twice. My apologies, I just fucking love that track I guess. Enjoy!